Osteoporosis: Everything You Need To Know


At every stage in life, we are being targetted by new diseases. It is because of the lifestyle we are adopting now that the incidences of health complications are increasing day by day. The inactive and unhealthy ways we are getting used to these days has adverse effects on our body.

Our bones which seem so strong in the youth may not always give us the same amount of support in later stages of life. There’s a very common medical condition called Osteoporosis due to which there is a sharp decrease in the density and strength of bones with the increase in age. lifestyle factors that are causing Osteoporosis include physical inactiveness smoking and drinking and failing to keep a check on our diet. This disease is also characterized by the calcium deficiency in bones which further makes them porous and brittle.

Osteoporosis is a highly common disease among the older age group. However young people too can develop osteoporosis due to various other reasons but that is highly uncommon. There is a massive decline in the skeletal integrity after the age of 30. It is a natural process and happens automatically. With some people, the loss isn’t significant enough to affect their lives. But in some cases, people develop osteoporosis. The compressibility of bones causes them to break even if there is little impact. Patients with osteoporosis have no symptoms until a bone fracture occurs. It’s a silent disease which can go undiagnosed for years because it doesn’t really have any early signs or symptoms.


  • Worldwide osteoporosis causes 8.9 million fractures annually.
  • Women are 80% more likely to develop osteoporosis than men. This is because women tend to have thinner bones and menopause has a very strong link with osteoporosis.
  • There are 10 million cases in India per year. Overall Indians have poor bone health.
  • A prior fracture increases your risk of developing osteoporosis by 86%.
  • The annual incidence rate of osteoporotic fractures in women is greater than the combined incidence rates of heart attack, stroke and breast cancer.

ost causes


The higher your bone mass is, the less are your chances of getting a fracture.

  • The new generation, in comparison to the older one, live highly inactive lives. The lifestyle is such that we relax our bodies more than we really should. Exercise and physical activity help in gaining bone density. So by doing less of physical work we are predisposing ourselves to develop osteoporosis in older age.
  • Calcium deficiency is another cause for osteoporosis bones are a storehouse of calcium. So taking calcium-rich diet is of vital importance.
  • Smoking can lower bone density. The nicotine present in the cigarettes has adverse effects on the bone.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption is yet another known cause of osteoporosis alcohol fuels up the loss of calcium.
  • Low levels of hormones in the body cause osteoporosis. Estrogen in women and testosterone in men and imbalances in other hormones are important determinants of bone mass density.


According to the data available, one in three women and one in five men suffer from osteoporosis.  The ratio for women is unfavorable because women tend to have thinner bones. 20% to 30% women develop osteoporosis after they reach Menopause. After menopause, the level of estrogen, a hormone which works as a bone mass maintainer decreases manifolds. Consequently, women over the age of 45 are at a very high risk of this disease.




Osteoporosis is a non-curable disease there is no specific treatment that can be provided but it can be prevented and the progress of it can be slowed down if some points are kept in mind.

  • Increase intake of vitamin D and calcium. Taking a diet rich with these minerals would enhance your bone’s health.
  • Dairy products, fish and green leafy vegetables and can help provide the bones with the essential nutrients.
  • Develop healthy lifestyle by not consuming alcohol and tobacco-based products can surely decrease your risks.
  • Adopting an active lifestyle. Exercising on regular basis, weight bearing exercises will also help prevent osteoporosis.
  • Taking health supplements recommended by a dietician or a doctor.


Osteoporosis slackens the bone strength and makes them extremely fragile. This disease is more prevalent in old people and can cause excessive pain if the fracture occurs. Unfortunately, it is a non-curable disease. Menopause and osteoporosis have deep correlations hence women are at higher risk to develop osteoporosis. We can prevent ourselves against this very common ailment which affects nearly 20 million people in India by incorporating some measures like taking a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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