Sitting For Too Long Invites Death!


Have you ever wondered about the fact that more than half of your life is spent sitting? Irrespective of age group, people now prefer sitting instead of any other activity. Whether it’s gaming, surfing the internet, watching television, driving a car or slouching over on a desk on a normal work day. We find comfort in sitting. But this comfort is making us couch potatoes. Our bodies are actually not designed to sit for such long durations of time, our legs demand work. We are hooked to the gadgets and a huge number of people are involved in overly tight scheduled kind of jobs wherein they have to sit in front of computers or do all their work while sitting. Sitting can be called as a lethal activity and the chair you sit on is the culprit.



That might sound absurd but it actually has adverse negative effects on our health. We simply pre-dispose ourselves to a hell lot of medical issues by sitting for longer durations of time.

  • Sitting 6 hours daily increases the chance of dying of a heart attack by 54%.
  • According to the data people of the 21st century sit for 7-14 hours a day.
  • Our metabolism slows down by 50 to 60% if sitting hours are prolonged
  • Sitting decreases the electrical activity inside of muscles manifolds.
  • Blood flow too decreases, especially in the legs.


This kind of modern lifestyle is actually decreasing our life span. Sitting for too long each day amplifies your chances of developing:-

  1. Diabetes type 2
  2. Cardio-Vascular Diseases(by 125%)
  3. Bone mass reduction
  4. Breast and colon cancer
  5. Higher level of cholesterol
  6. Spine-related problems

How exactly do long sitting hours contribute to some of these poor health conditions is yet to be known. But countless studies and case studies conducted on people have had enough evidence to prove that there is a positive correlation between long hours of sitting and these medical conditions. Obesity is yet another obvious consequence. Sitting never burns calories and fats get accumulated inside the body.


The worst part about it is that exercise cannot practically counter the harms done.
A solution to this is TAKING A BREAK. Maybe setting alarms for it, is a good idea. But after every 30 minutes or so we need to interrupt our sitting session just to loosen up our joints we must stand and engage ourselves in some physical activity. This boosts our metabolism.
Not only this, we also need to take care of our sitting postures because sitting the wrong way can cause postural deformities. If upright rigid posture is incorrect, it causes stress and also crossing legs cause obstructions in blood circulations.


  • Walk across the hall when you’re in office
  • Always take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Park your vehicle further away from the entrance
  • Take a longer, roundabout way to your desk
  • Always take a walk after Lunch and Dinner
  • Prefer exercising in order to burn the calories

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